Wii U Emulator for PC

Wii U Emulator for PC

Wii U Emulator for PC is another surprise for fans of the Wii U. The emulator runs on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Mac. All files that are protected by a special emulator antivirus system so that each player can feel secure downloading our emulator. Work on it continued for almost a month and have been successful because it works and you can already download it. Everything is very simple just download our emulator and extract it. I encourage you to download ii to have fun with the Wii U on your computer icon smile Wii U Emulator for PC

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Wii U Emulator For PC Details

- Code Name: DolWiinU v1.06
- Saving game in every moment
- Auto-Updated : YES
- Supports Systems : Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac OS X, various linux installments (using WINE)
- Does it support the gamepads? Yes, it supports four gamepads in the USB port.

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Wii U Emulator For PC Requirements

- Intel Core Quad Processor
- 512MB DirectX compatible Video Card with Hardware T&L
- DirectX compatible Sound Card
- 100MB Hard Disk Space
- DirectX 9.0b

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Name: Wii U Emulator.rar
Size: 8,6 MB
Total Downloads: 688

How Download?

1. Click on the Download button.
2. Do the required survey or Offers. You will be transferred to another screen ONLY after you have completed one of the surveys/offers.
3.Your download should automatically begin within 1-2 minutes.
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All files are verified and are 100% clean.

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